Saunatic is an open-air exhibition about the sweat bathing tradition, commonly known as sauna, which has been an important part of human culture for thousands of years around the world. The exhibition located at the Creativity Center Targowa in Warsaw, and before in a public park Jazdów in central Warsaw Poland, consists of educational boards, hands-on accessories, and a full-scale example of one type of sweat bath practise: the Finnish sauna. The sweat bath was, and still is, a place for warming up, personal hygiene, health care, and social gathering, making it a vital element of individual and community well-being.

How it all happened
It began with an passionate idea and a simple drawing on a piece of paper. Several sketches and even more emails and long fundraising later, we were able to start working. Watch the short two videos: of the installation of the exhibition in a public park in central Warsaw, Poland and of the action of moving Saunatic to the other side of the Vistula river to its current venue at Centrum Kreatywności Targowa 56.

The project is created in an international cooperation between public institutions, private companies, NGOs, volunteering citizens, and family members, see Partners. The creators are Jacob Dammas and Józefina Jarmużewska who develop and produce innovative cultural, audiovisual, and marketing projects for the local and international market, through their small Warsaw-based NGO and Polish-Danish startup company StudioJOT.