Location of the exhibition: Centrum Kreatywności Targowa (courtyard), Targowa Street 56, Warsaw.
Previously Saunatic was located in the public park in the center of Warsaw, among the Finnish houses by Jazdów 3/7 Street.

Saturday May 15, 2021 at 5-7 pm – visiting the exhibition with authors on the Long Night of Museums in Warsaw. Entrance via the parking lot from Ząbkowska street. See you there!

Kwiecień 2021 – Our alternative way of using sauna in corona times 🙂 :

In February 2021 Saunatic was moved over the Vistula river to the new current location at Warsaw Praga district, to the yard of Creativity Center Targowa. Watch how it happened:

Past events in the first venue of Saunatic in Jazdów park in Warsaw:

17.01.2020 – Saunatic in the white scenery and at -17°C, among Finnish houses – desnowing

Since March 2020 a lot of planned events were cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic 🙁

07.03.2020, 15.00-16.30 – visiting with authors 

20.02.2020, 16.00-17.30 – visiting with authors
26.01.2020, 15.00-16.00 – visiting with authors

15.12.2019, 14.00-15.00 – visiting with authors

30.11.2019, 14.00-15.00 – visiting with authors
24.11.2019, 14.00-15.30 – visiting with authors
09.11.2019, 14.00-15.30 – visiting with authors

26.10.2019, 15.00-18.00 – visiting with authors and painting together external walls before winter
19.10.2019, 13.00-15.00 – visiting with authors
12.10.2019, 15.00-17.00 – visiting with authors

Jacob and Józefina (authors) in front of the exhibition, fall.

27.09.2019, 19:00-20:00 – “DIY sauna in Finland, or something between feast and everyday” a visual informal presentation about Do It Yourself saunas in Finland, held by Wojtek Mejor, a Warsaw-based independent educator, ecologist, eternal student, and designer dealing with degrowth, food cooperatives, Community Supported Agriculture, and more. He spent 10 years in Helsinki where he studied, worked and regularly visited all kinds of saunas. The event was organised in cooperation with Otwarta Pracownia Jazdów.

Wojtek Mejor’s presentation in Finnish wooden house of Otwarta Pracownia Jazdów (on slaid: DIY Sompasauna in Helsinki)

21.09.2019, 13.00-15.00 – visiting with authors
14.09.2019, 14.00-16.00 – visiting with authors
6.09.2019, 17.00-18.00 – visiting with authors

31.08.2019, 15.00-17.00 – visiting with authors
24.08.2019, 16.30-18.30, at 17.00 – Presentation of sauna kimono designed and created by a talented post graduate of Warsaw Art School, Ewelina Czaplicka-Raducha, who spoke about this project from the very first draft on paper until the last needle cut.
This event was supported by Deveka company, who donated us a few meters of high quality linen for the kimono. 

The model and sauna kimono designer Ewelina Czaplicka-Raducha

17.08.2019, 16.30-18.30 – visiting with authors
10.08.2019, 13.00-16.00 – visiting with authors

25.07.2019, 18:30-22:00 and 26.07.2019, 11:00-12:30 – Sauna Health Benefits – talk and show Sauna expert Lennart Gürke from German organisation Bädercoach gave an introduction to the health aspects of sauna and Aufguss ceremonies and presented some of his techniques. The partner of the event was German Embassy in Poland and Bädercoach.

Lennart Gürke (Bädercoach), from the left 1st Secretary of The Finnish Embassy Jukka Halkilahti and Culture Attache of The German Embassy Fried Nielsen
Aufguss technics show by Lennart Gürke (Bädercoach)

22.06.2019, 18.00-22.00 – Celebration of Midsummer Night – including a guitar show of Słow OM

Maciek Słow OM

18.05.2019, 17.00-23.00 – Visiting exhibition during Night of Museums  

Visiting exhibition by night

April 2019 – Opening of the Saunatic exchibition, with a presence of international representatives of patrons and partners of the project, Warsaw inhabitants and guests

March 2019 – Installation of the Saunatic exchibition, with a help of a local community, NGOs and other volunteers

More photos: